Packages & Pricing

Dog photography that celebrates your friendship

because it’s hard to put that bond into words alone

Dogs give us an unconditional, no judgment friendship.
You are their entire world.
That love you share for each other and the outdoors is worth celebrating.

So obviously, you should be in the photos, too.

«My heart kept beating stronger the longer I looked at the gallery. Such beautiful, precious memories. OMG. I think I need to print them all.» – Helene

Oh, finally, photos of your dog with you in them


They’re the most perfect moments in your life…and impossible to photograph by yourself.

Just when your dog sits still, the tripod falls over. Or as soon as you hit “take” your dog launches out of frame. Oof. Maybe next time.

Or how about definitely next time!

When I’m on the trail with you, I’m quietly observing you both. You won’t even notice I just took the photo which will become your profile picture for years to come.

What makes Abenteuerhunde unique?

the mix of travel, adventure, photography and emotion

Your gallery is a story retelling the full adventure across a range of images.


These are not the cheesy doggie glamor shots of days passed. I capture you and your pet in action, surrounded by the expansive beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Coming from a background in weddings, I specialize in capturing candid interactions between humans and dogs. Couples, groups and families are encouraged!

The whole experience is activity based, so your dog is always engaged and excited at their own pace.
It’s a candid approach that works with your dog’s energy, rather than against it.



Humans and animals are
equals. I consider your
dog’s needs as much as


Safe and calm
environments are the
foundation for the perfect


Respect for nature and
trails: take nothing but
photos, leave nothing but

Sarah Stangl
Your Swiss Pet & Adventure Photographer

I grew up in the Swiss alps, climbing and hiking from a young age. The mountains are my home and my teacher. It’s a place I couldn’t imagine my life without.

It was my own dog, Lana, that inspired me to create Abenteuerhunde after a summer hiking in Norway together. I felt so much freedom and happiness with her, deep in the mountains, far, far away.

I recreate that sense of serenity and adventure for you.
That’s why my packages are focused on playtime, unstructured fun and just being yourselves.

«Sarah captured our dogs’ personalities perfectly and looking at the photos really brings us back to our holidays in Switzerland!» – Natasha

Photo sessions for you and your dog in the Swiss Alps

Here’s how it works


Use the contact form to reach out and schedule a consultation call. I’ll guide you through packages and locations based on you and your dog’s preferences.
You can immediately reserve your adventure date and backup date by transferring one retainer of 500CHF.


Woohoo! The fun part! Right away, you get all my tips and tricks. I’ll send you guides for picking out the right clothing, scenic hikes based on your ability, and anything else you need.
You’ll arrive the day of the shoot fully prepared and ready to wander.


See you and your dog as you naturally are: playing, exploring, cuddling and enjoying the outdoors.
You get a full gallery of images which highlight your bond and the beauty of your travels through Switzerland. Hi-res files, social sharing, and print capabilities are built in.

Abenteuerhunde Photography Packages & Pricing


All packages can be customized for groups of “teams.”
Teams are owners plus their dogs, and you can go as groups to share the cost.

Two Day Adventure

A full, slow travel experience

Imagine dipping your toes into a cold mountain lake and then later staying overnight in a traditional
Swiss mountain hut, watching the sunset melt into a starry night. Ideal for longer, more immersive adventures or multiple locations.

1:1 only, no groups. Available Mai to November.

✓ 12 hours of coverage over 2 days
✓ Multiple planning calls and location guide
✓ Style guide and ‘What to bring’ Checklist
✓ Your lodging and meals all taken care of. You just have to show up and enjoy.
✓ Photographer travel and lodging included
✓ Online gallery for downloading and sharing images
✓ Album design

Starting at CHF 3,900


Full Day Adventure

Explore more.


If you can’t choose between two locations, dont’! The full day is ideal for seeing two vastly different areas, or truly immersing in one area.

Explore the lush Swiss valleys with its waterfalls, the deep blue mountain lakes, and the stunning views from the mountain top all in one day. We will have a big break for you and your dog to take a good nap around midday.

Available June to October.

✓ 8 hours of coverage
✓ Multiple planning calls and location guide
✓ Backup appointment for bad weather
✓ Style guide
✓ Photographer travel included
✓ Online gallery for downloading and sharing images

Starting at CHF 2,500


Half Day Adventure

Ideal for 1-2 teams exploring one location.
Available all year. Also great for old dogs, puppies or cold weather months.

✓ 5 hours of coverage
✓ One planning call and location guide
✓ Backup appointment for bad weather
✓ Style guide
✓ Photographer travel and lodging included Central Switzerland and Bernese Oberland only
✓ Online gallery for downloading and sharing images

Starting at CHF: 1,500


Mini Adventure Session

Available all year – one predetermined location per season available. (Central Switzerland only – canton of Lucerne, Obwalden & the Bernese Oberland)
Great for old dogs, puppies or if your time is extremely limited.

✓ 2 hours of coverage
✓ Backup appointment for bad weather
✓ Style guide
✓ Photographer travel included
✓ Online gallery for downloading and sharing images

CHF: 950.-


Ready to howl at the moon together?

Is adventure dog photography for you and your pet?

reach out if this sounds like you:

you’re looking for an experienced Swiss local who can safely show you around
you see your dog as an independent being and not an accessory
you both love the outdoors, regardless of hiking ability
you lead your dog with firm compassion and not militaristic discipline
you prefer candid moments over highly staged or curated
you see photography as way to re-live life’s best adventures



This experience is for every human and every dog. Neither of you need to be extremely fit. Old dogs, puppies, and humans with mobility limitations are welcome. There are many easy access mountain passes and gondolas which make for comfortable transportation to stunning overlooks.


Not necessarily! It just means I’m with you for 6 hours, whether that’s 1 hour of hiking or 5. Our actual moving time may only be 2-3 hours, with lots of stops and time for play at a scenic spot.


Absolutely. We can accommodate your dog’s age by choosing an appropriate location. Treat them to one last grand adventure!


Not an issue. I work with your dog’s tendencies, not against them. I am patient with all dogs, and let their curiosity and natural movements guide the shoot. They do not have to be able to pose like a statue to get the types of shots you see in my portfolio!


Yes. Dogs are allowed to be off leash in places and remain by your side in restaurants and shops. Most Swiss people are dog friendly as well. With that in mind, it is absolutely expected that dogs are very well trained. Almost all Swiss dogs go to “dog school” to be well behaved in public and socialized. Barking, growling, and poor behavior in public is very frowned upon. Letting your dog say hi to everyone – and you saying hi to everyone’s dog – is a no-no. Make sure you have a leash and muzzle for your dog if necessary.


Yes. If you are driving or taking the trains, pets can travel with you easily. If you are flying here, small dogs are at times allowed on with you, but bigger dogs may need to be crated below the plane. It’s important to know if this will traumatize your dog, and if that’s worth it.


No, there is no law in Switzerland which says muzzles are compulsory. You’ll need one for traveling to nearby Austria, Italy or Germany though.


Each shoot comes with a backup day and time. Storms with strong winds, lightning or heavy rain and snow pose safety risks, and therefore we will move the shoot to the backup date. Light rain, snow or mist isn’t necessarily “bad weather” and can be incredible conditions for photography. I check in with you 2-3 days before the shoot to create our final plan.


Not at all! I don’t “photoshop” out leashes or collars though. What your dog is wearing during the shoot will be in the photos. A great chance to splurge on that nice new collar and leash you’ve been looking at! I recommend a longer leash (~5m) so your dog has more room to explore.


For you: comfortable clothes, appropriate layers, hiking shoes, food, water and any medicine you need
For your dog: treats, water and bowl. I also recommend a good dog harness in addition to a collar and leash for safety and better control while hiking inclines.


You definitely don’t have to, but I recommend staying open to it! You likely won’t even notice I’m photographing you. I won’t ask you to stand still and smile into the camera. You’ll be focused on the surroundings and your dog – and that’s exactly how I’ll capture you.