Swiss pet photographer,
coach and alpine addict, Sarah Stangl

A life in the mountains and how my own Abenteuerhunde
inspired me

One Swiss girl, two Australian shepherds and a trip to Norway…

I grew up in the Swiss Alps, but my two dogs taught me to appreciate the mountains in a different way.
Lana was my first dog, and not long after, Bjarn joined. In the summer of 2019, we traveled through Norway camping and hiking. Watching them, I immediately knew my photography was about to change. How they moved through the mountains with their own intelligence and inner drives fascinated me. They sensed wildlife in an almost supernatural way. By seeing things I couldn’t, they led me to a new level of awareness outdoors. They brought me closer to nature and opened up entirely new worlds.

That intrigue and respect for their independence is a driving perspective of my photography.


How my dogs and family inspire me

My family are typical Swiss mountain folk. They raised me from a young age to feel at home in the mountains. That upbringing instilled in me a lot of confidence in myself, but also a lot of respect for the elements.

The mountains are a harsh environment. You have to take safety very seriously. I’ve done basic risk mitigation and guiding courses, all too aware the mountains always have something to teach us!

How photographing couples and weddings inspired me

Before dogs, I focused on adventurous weddings and couples exploring the Swiss Alps. That’s what drives Abenteuerhunde to be about your connection as dog plus person.


You are just as important to the story.

The focus is on your bond and friendship, and your shared love for the trail.



Coaching for Photographers | 1:1 pet photography education

learn the craft of adventure storytelling for pets and

Does hanging out in the mountains with other photographers and adorable pups sound too good to be true? It’s not!

My workshops teach the fundamentals of adventurous pet photography. There are events for all levels of photography experience, set across beautiful alpine trails and lakes.

If you’re interested in improving your pet photography, check out any of these below resources.


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